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Visitors are welcome

When and Where are meetings?

Meetings are usually held on the first Friday of the month at 6:30pm and usually  at:
Belezaire Farm
13081 North 2550 Avenue 
Geneseo, IL 
(Four miles north of Geneseo, IL on IL Route 82, 
then approximately a half mile west on 2550th Ave)
A potluck or special feast  precedes our meeting. Be sure to check your newsletter or the website as to where the meeting will be held. If you’re not sure about a meeting being held or the location, call our club president: Anna Oltman 309-949-2806

How do I sign up?
You don’t need to own your own horse to join, but you will need to fill out a membership form which will ask for your name, birthday, farm name (if applicable), mailing address, e-mail address, phone number. The dues for an individual are $20.00 for the year. If you decide to sign up as a family, the dues are only $25.00 total. Be sure to list the names and birth dates of everyone signing up!
Our purpose is to:
1.) Advance the Arabian horse in this area and gain a larger voice in local and national Arabian horse shows,            
2.) Meet new horse people and have fun!                                                      
3.) Sponsor recreational and educational activities for the membership with the focus on horsemanship and sportsmanship

What you can look forward to:
1 Youth, 2 Open, and 1 All Arabian shows ·        
Organized trail rides ·        
Seminars on equestrian care ·        
Making new friends ·        
Networking with professionals in the equestrian field.  

Some other privileges of joining the QCAHC Earn points toward seasonal high points and other member only awards. Save $1.00 per class at our shows. Your input will help decide the issues that affect the club as well as the youth of our community.                                                         

Send applications to:
Mail applications, or the equivalent information, and a check payable to “QCAHC” to: :Rachel Brossman

15903 E 1300th St

Cambridge, IL 61238

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